hi :) I’m Hillary - I’m a country kid that grew up making videos in my parent’s backyard, always longing to capture the enchanting story I lived inside.

twin whimsy is for the lighthearted, the offbeat couple. I focus on creating artistic shots with a whimsical flow & focus that envelop the emotion & charm of your day. I want each couple’s individual vibe to be felt in my work, & i search tenaciously for music selections that match that.

I’m drawn to shooting weddings because of the raw emotion & unique storyline that each day presents. Taking candid moments & making them last forever is something that I live for. It’s an honor to be able to offer that gift to others.


like most passions of mine, i blindly accepted this opportunity in mid-2015, unsure of where it would lead, only knowing that it would lead.

new sights energize me, & I gladly accept invitations to venture across the state, country (or the planet!) at an affordable rate.

serving omaha + phoenix + beyond…


My husband and I weren’t sure if we wanted to hire a videographer for our wedding.
It was by far the best choice and money spent!
— T + A
Hillary was absolutely AMAZING! She captured every detail of our day in the most perfect way. We have received so many compliments on our video & can’t wait to watch it years from now.
— E + N
Hillary went above & beyond our expectations! She made sure to create a video that fit our personalities & style. It was exactly what we wanted & more. She made us feel super comfortable when capturing our personal messages. I can’t thank her enough for the time she put into our video & it will be forever cherished. I would, without a doubt, recommend twin whimsy!
— T + S
Hillary was such a dear part of our wedding day. She not only was a grounding element I could trust would be around, documenting & supporting the flow of the day, she also captured imagery that transports us back into the feel of the magical moments shared with our loved ones…she was inspired by the true essence of the day & honors those sacred moments...Hillary held such a gentle, supportive, creative & caring energy. We are deeply grateful for her work as we can now all step back into the beauty of the gathering for endless seasons to come.
— k + r